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We have gorgeous greenery in our store today. We even have lovely bundles of Epazoté. Then we have the fresh green lettuces, cilantro, watercress and fresh mint.
Handmade treasures by Mrs. Bea Mansanarez. 
Mrs. Bea has been quilting, painting porcelain, and crafting in the San Luis Valley since 1980. She has won several awards over the years for her quilted art pieces. Please check out her quilted wall hangings and her other crafted pieces here at the Valley Food Coop.
New!! Hand crafted goat milk soaps from Rancho de Animeles.
Double up food bucks are here at the Valley Food Coop. Stretch you SNAP benefits.
Happy 4th of July!! We have the biggest selection and lowest prices on Gosar Sausage in town. Great for grilling for this summer holiday. Caitlins favorite picks for this grilling season. What are your favorite kinds of Gosar sausage?

(We will be closed for the 4th)
Freshly delivered today valley local salad greens, spinach, kale, and chard.  Colorado grown Palisade Apricots.

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Rockymountaingreenchilimixgreen chile season is coming..

4 weeks ago

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Come join us for our Organic and Local Food Fair. Open until 3pm today. We are having a blast and the food is amazing.