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We have a new vitamin line from Garden of Life, My Kind multivitamin line now available in a gummy form.
We have our Trace Mineral Drops back in stock which includes a free travel size for your summer travels. We also got a new product in from the same company which is a multivitamin within a straw. So you can just stick it in a water bottle and get your vitamins easily while on your travels.
Purple Mountain Majestics Rejuvenating Hemp Balm is made just down the road in Antonito, CO. Perfect for dry or cracked lips during the windy season in the valley!
Organic gardening plants just in! They have been watered with ONLY filtered water. Varieties include basil, cilantro, cherry tomatoes, chives, thyme, garlic chives, tomatoes, and oregano.
Pachamama cooperative coffee is back in stock! For every cup of coffee, farmers receive $.25, which is for 6 times the average. Come support them and purchase some outstanding, authentic South American coffee today!
Kjerstina Keck, MT and Certified Emotion Code and Body Code Practitioner, will be setting up for a limited time at the Valley Food Coop on Thursday afternoons between 1-3 pm beginning May 4th.  Stop in to meet her and see how the Emotion Code and Body Code work!
Kjerstina will be doing demos for $10 (one release using the Emotion Code and another using the more advanced Body Code system) so you can experience this new healing modality for yourself.   In a nutshell, she uses charts and kinesiology to pinpoint emotional baggage or other negative energy that is ready to be released, then clears it using a magnet down the governing meridian.  This work is powerful, non-invasive, and every session is unique.  
Interested but have a scheduling conflict?  We’d be happy to accommodate you.  
Contact Kjerstina at 719-937-6174 or kjerstinakeck@gmail.com
Picnic season is here! We have a variety of new cups and plates made from renewable plant sources (that are not trees). They are BPA-free, heavy duty, compostable, oil-free, and microwave safe. Theyre also extremely cost-effective!
Were now offering a new line of high-potency, fast-acting iron supplements! These are great for facilitating increased oxygen uptake and higher overall energy levels if you happen to be feeling fatigued. Let us know and well fill you in on the details!
🎶Hot cross buns!
Hot cross buns!
One a penny, two a penny.
Hot cross buns! Heaven Scent Breads by Kelly West. Hot Cross Buns are here just in time for Easter! 🐰🐣💕 We have three options! Gluten Free - $10.59, Whole Wheat - $8.79, and Spelt - $9.99! 😋#ValleyFoodCoop #Alamosa #HotCrossBuns #Easter #SanLuisValley

Tomorrow afternoon (Wednesday, April 12th) we'll begin selling Heaven Scent's Handmade Easter Hot Cross Buns in whole wheat, spelt, and gluten free varieties! They're the perfect addition to your Easter Sunday feast! ... See MoreSee Less